June 23, 2015

Custom Script Type

Custom watercolour scrip/calligraphy type for fashion campaign | www.alicia-carvalho.com/blog

Here’s a quick view of a few more custom watercolour pieces I created for a marketing campaign. These pieces are targeted at a young, fashion-forward audience and will be sent out alongside summery jewellery pieces.

This project was a good reminder that sometimes it does take a few rounds of scrap paper to really get into a style and make it feel effortlessly beautiful. I especially had fun creating the playful lowercase m’s in “summer” and was super excited at how the word “swarovski” turned out.

I’ve been having a lot of fun exploring different type styles, and although they are quite varied at times, I do have my favourites. I am working on putting together a little overview page on my portfolio with some of my preferred styles that you can hire me for. In the meantime, if you need any custom type for your brand, event, product or personal project please feel free to contact me over here as I am taking new inquiries for the summer.

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