November 20, 2013

coffee collab

Sailor's Coffee. A Collaboration between The Artful Desperado and Alicia Carvalho |

A few weeks ago my twitter friend Gabriel (creative treasure hunter behind the colourful blog The Artful Desperado) asked me if I wanted to contribute some typography to a project he was working on. Before even knowing the details I was excited. What I’ve learnt about freelancing is that you become somewhat of a hermit – you live, work, eat and sleep in this little bubble called your home and soon start longing for human connections (but more on that another time).

Gabriel is an up-and-coming food stylist and I have admired his work for quite some time now. The Canadian food and lifestyle magazine Acquired Taste invited him to be part of the #TheCoffeeProject – a curated collection of photographs showcasing the art of drinking coffee. Looking to spice things up Gabriel asked me if I’d like to add some typographic flare to his contribution.

After many ideas we decided to feature three coffee recipes; a simple cortado for your every day caffeine needs, a triple dark for your sweet cravings with a twist, and finally, a sailors coffee, spiked with a little rum. Each image features the awesome styling and recipe by Gabriel, accompanied by some coffee typography by me.

It was great to get off the computer and get my hands dirty with some grounded up coffee. I’ve been experimenting a lot with watercolour lately so it was only natural that one of the recipes would feature some instant coffee + water type. It was also such an awesome experience working with a fellow creative. I’m already dreaming up new projects to collaborate on and can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

To get the full recipe head on over to The Artful Desperado

The Cortado. A Collaboration between The Artful Desperado and Alicia Carvalho | The Triple Chocolate. A Collaboration between The Artful Desperado and Alicia Carvalho |

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Thanks Heylen, I love how these turned out :)

Thank you so much Miss Tiffany :) Means a lot coming from you.

November 21, 2013


Such good work! love love love it!!!

This looks amazing! Such an amazing collaboration.

Thank you so much Joanna, we love it too :)

Ohh Alicia! I remember seeing this on Instagram – so fabulous! Love this collaboration! Your coffee typography and watercolor is AMAZING!

Thank you so much Victoria!

November 28, 2013


This is super awesome Alicia! They look so, so good!
Love me a bit of hand made typography.

Thanks Sally. I had so much fun making these!

Would like to try them out all of them…. Great work, Alicia, great ideas, love your style of writing….

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