March 28, 2014

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The lovely Eimy from Eimy & Co had me over on her newly designed blog this week for a little coffee date. We talked a little about how I best like my coffee and what has been inspiring me lately. Click on over to read the whole thing here.

I feel like my work-routine changes along with the seasons. Winter was a tough one because it was so cold and grey out. Now that the days are longer and brighter I find it a bit easier to get out of bed in the morning. Although I am not a morning person, mornings are 100% my productive time and I am fully using this to my advantage. After I wake up I often have breakfast and go straight to work, pjs included! Usually halfway through the morning I give myself a quick break to shower and actually get dressed.

I usually don’t fuel up on coffee till later in the morning or at lunch time. Coffee kind of gives me that boost I need after my morning work pow-wow to help me get through the rest of the day. It feels so good to finally settle into a routine that works for me.

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so impressed that you are able to be productive in the morning despite not being a morning person! i really have to ease into the day – my productive hours are always the afternoon. so glad you’ve found a routine that works! it truly makes a difference.

Hi Maggie, it’s all about figuring out what works best for you and then taking advantage of it! I am not a morning person at all and hate waking up early (like, hate it so much). But as long as my alarm clock doesn’t go off at 6am I’ll be ok :)

April 3, 2014


Aw! Thanks so much for the post! It was so lovely to have you over for coffee. ;)

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