September 24, 2014


Even if you are watching an event alone you are not experiencing it alone - Doug Bowman aka @stop talking about Twitter at #circles2014 | type by

Last week I live-streamed the #Circles2014 conference. Let’s just pause for a second and think about how cool that is. Conferences are amazing and although I firmly believe that they are worth every penny things do very quickly add up. Luckily, more and more conferences are offering live streams for a fraction of the price. Yea, due to the time difference I had to get up really early, especially to catch my pal Becky Murphy talking, but it was all worth it. Besides a few little hiccups in the stream it was great to virtually attend. The above quote by Doug Bowman pretty much sums it up.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a chance to catch all the talks, but the ones I did watch were amazing. I believe they all go online eventually, so I strongly urge you to keep an eye open for that. I think the best part of #circles2014 (besides the fact that I could watch it from bed, in my pjs) was the variety of speakers. I think certain design talks, no matter how interesting, can get a little repetitive after a while. Circles however did an amazing job at getting an awesome variety of speakers on stage and no two talks felt the same. I’d love to tell you which my favourite talks were, however since they really were so different, it’s kind of impossible to decide on.

Super duper quick summary of the stuff that really stuck with me: Kathleen Shannon talked about fear and telling you were to stick it (on the shelf, near the succulent, in case you were wondering); Becky Murphy reminded you to just get started, even if it’s far from perfect, and to measure progress, not comparison; Doug Bowman read my tweet out loud on stage (yeah that happened, it was weird and kind of cool) and talked about how twitter is amazing (it really is); Josh Higgins reminded us to never test a design you can not live with and other things he learnt while working on the Obama campaign; Jessica Hische had some great insight into the physical analog tools she uses and some of her progress when lettering; The Heads of State had a great reminder that you don’t really need to reinvent what’s already out there, but instead can look back on history for some new and fresh perspective; while Sean McCabe reminded us that the most important skill to have is how to learn, since that is the only thing that you will really always need; and that at the end of the day inspiration comes from rest (Kyle Steed) and being a full person (Danielle Evans aka the talented Marmalade Bleue)

Wanting to practice some of my calligraphy skills I started writing out a bunch of my favourite quotes from the two days. I’ll let you indulge in all these quotes (believe it or not, these are just my favourites, I still have so many more) and make sure you keep an eye open for all the talks online.

Feel free to Pin any of the quotes, they are made for sharing <3

Measure Progress, not comparison - Becky Murphy @beckycmurphy quote from #circles2014 | type by

Don't compare your chapter one to someone elses chapter 9 - Becky Murphy @beckycmurphy quote from #circles2014 | type by

Do what you are great at and collaborate with others who are great at what you're not - the Heads of State @TheHeadsofState quote from #circles2014 | type by

Don't reinvent graphic deisgn, draw from history and decide where you'd like to go from there - The Heads of State @TheHeadsofState quote from #circles2014 | type by

Don't let clients define you; define who you want your clients to be - The Heads of State @TheHeadsofState quote from #circles2014 | type by

If there is nothing new under the sun, go to the moon -  Jay Argaet @Jargaet quote from #circles2014| type by

Don't Test anything you can't live with - Josh Higgins @joshwhiggins quote from #circles2014 | type by

Consistency builds trust - Josh Higgins @joshwhiggins quote from #circles2014 | type by

Be like Beyonce, use yourself as your personal brand - Kathleen Shannon @andkathleen quote from #circles2014 | type by

Fear goes on the shelf...near the succulents - Kathleen Shannon @andkathleen quote from #circles2014 | type by

Crazy Busy, Wildly Productive - Kathleen Shannon @andkathleen quote from #circles2014 | type by

Just because I dare to do what I want doesn't mean I don't get scared = Kathleen Shannon @andkathleen quote from #circles2014 | type by

Until you take the first step in the creative process, you'll never know what the end result will be - Kyle Steed @kylesteed quote from #circles2014 | type by

The best ideas come from rest - Kyle Steed @kylesteed quote from #circles2014

Inspiration is over-rated when you're just sitting around waiting for it - Kyle Steed @KyleSteed quote from #circles2014 | type by

Don't confuse being busy with being productive - Lee Steffen @leesteffen quote from #circles2014 | type by

An artist has reached perfection, not when there's nothing to add, but when there's nothing left to take away - Lee Steffen @leesteffen quote from #circles2014 | type by

The greatest reflection of your priorities is where you place your time - Lee Steffen @leesteffen quote from #circles2014 | type by

Everything you've never seen is just a step beyond where you always stop - Lee Steffen @leesteffen quote from #circles2014  | type by

It's not the amoount of time you invest, it's the quality of time -  Lee Steffen @leesteffen quote from #circles2014  | type by

If you borrow an idea, make it into something greater than it was before - Danielle Evans @marmaladebleu quote from #circles2014  | type by

Inspiration comes from being a full person - not just a deisgner - Danielle Evans @marmaladebleu quote from #circles2014  | type by

Learning is the only skill that will remain relevant throughout your whole life - Sean McCabe @seanwes quote from #circles2014  | type by

We are not designing for our client's happiness, we are designing for our client's customers - Sean McCabe #seanwes quote from #circles2014  | type by

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Thanks lady :) means a lot coming from you <3

Didn’t know you listened to circles – I went to that conference and love the quotes you pulled from it! Was also great meeting you this week!

Nice meeting you too <3

I'm so happy when conferences live stream. it's so tricky to go to everything when you don't live in the area. I'm glad you liked the quotes :)

Yay thanks Emily :) I am glad you enjoyed them.

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