August 17, 2011

burlesque night

Thursday night in Kamloops I grabbed an awesomely delicious and impressive dinner at Hoya Mongolian Grill with Andy and Alyshia (who I just met and is incredibly funny, I like her). It’s all you can eat; you grab a bowl, fill it with meat, veggies and noodles and then dump 22 spoonfuls of sauce on top and bring it over to the guy by the oven. He throws it on the hot-plate-circular-oven-thing and grills the whole thing up. Then you throw on some teriyaki sauce and add sesame seeds or peanuts. Amazing. It was really delicious. While still sitting there eating I was like “Can we come here again sometime?!”.
Along with your bill (only $15) we got fortune cookies. Mine: “Now is a good time to explore”. Couldn’t agree more.
So after this amazingly filling delicious meal I met Alexis, yet another pretty and awesome lady. She’s the sweetest and I adore her. Plus she has a dog AND wants to be a kindergarden teacher, how can I not love her? I’m kinda excited seeing as how she might be moving to Vancouver next year.
Before getting ready for burlesque night, Alyshia, Alexis, Andy and Alicia went to DQ for blizzards. It was eat-a-blizzard-save-a-sick-child-day. Double-fudge-cookie-dough awesomeness for me!
After getting on our fishnets, corsets, big earrings, make up and heels we were all Femme-Fataled-up for burlesque night at The Blue Grotto. Thumbs up to The Blue Grotto, they put on an amazing show. They offer burlesque night on the 2nd Thursday of every month. Each month has a different theme; this month was Femme Fatal. It was only $5 at the door, you grab a drink and watch amazing women do their thing. They had a woman dressed up as a nerdy perverted dude MC-ing the show. The performers varied from belly dancers to singers, girls covered in dollar-bills, dancing with chairs and on stage strip-tease lessons with spectator participation. After a brief intermission they had a few girls act out Femme Fatal’s from the past, including the notorious Betty Paige, Cleopatra and more.
My favourite was this sexy little burlesque girl doing a belly dance performance to some hard-core techno beats. She was extremely impressive. The whole time she kept a very serious look on her face, shaking her hips and moving her arms in a slightly robotic way, occasionally pretending to be shooting at the audience with a machine gun. I’m not really into tencho music but this girl was just amazing. She’s kinda making me want to go out and sign up for some belly dancing classes, who’s with me?!

Alexis, so femme fatal. However I doubt she could ever harm a fly.

Alyshia in lace and pearls. 

Andy in a sexy red glimmering dress with chandelier earrings. 


sexy pointy heels

yeah, I was rocking suspenders over the corset. 

sexy feet

Kamloops has a bunch of cool murals, however they are all facing the back alleys, which is kinda sad. 

I call them “pointy-witch-heels”

The Blue Grotto, downtown Kamloops. 

typography tattoo <3

burlesque night!

disco ball!

These ladies danced to Lady Gaga’s Beautiful Dirty Rich

money money

They had a shadow-play going on in the background while this amazing woman sang. 

The Blue Grotto

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