February 20, 2013



I have a good handful of blogs I am in a committed relationship with; they post daily, I read them daily. And then there are a ton of other blogs I follow.

In the past I just hit up my fav finds by memory, but as I started finding new blogs I needed to get a system in place. I tried bookmarks but…they got out of hand way too long ago. I used to bookmark sites whenever I thought they were remotely interesting, so as you can imagine I have a gazillion links in my bookmarks.

I found myself with two choices:

  1. clean up my current bookmarks disaster
  2. or start from scratch

I choose the lazy route and gave bloglovin a shot. Bloglovin is an amazing alternative blog reader. It’s so simple to use, easy navigation with a clean and neutral design. It’s great to now have all recent blog posts displayed in one organized feed.

The other awesome part is that you can create folders for the different blogs you follow. Every morning I check out my “daily blogs”. Throughout the morning I scroll through the “design blogs” I follow, and later in the day I go through any of the other folders that are intriguing me.

If you have a blog yourself you can add it to this growing community and assign it to a bloglovin category for increased traffic.

Do yourself a favour and sign up! You can follow me here.

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February 21, 2013


Just followed you! I’ve been using a combination of both Google Reader & Bloglovin to keep track of blogs. I really like the option of being able to categorize blogs.

Thanks! Yeah, the folders are what stop me from looking through blogs alllll morning long instead of getting work done!
I just checked out your blog, got some awesome stuff :)

February 23, 2013


Thanks for recommending this, it’s so much easier then managing with regular bookmarks!

I agree, happy you find it helpful.

March 7, 2013


You’ve just gained yourself a new follower! There’s no way I could remember all the blogs I follow without Bloglovin’!

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