May 4, 2011

bangs in bikinis

last sunday was great. the sun was shining, it was beautiful out and heather, molly and ali had a tourist day. we started the day with a visit to the sun yat sen park in china town, followed by a visit to the harbour center and we ended it with a beautiful afternoon at english bay.

heathers great. she’s my lorelei gilmore. shes a great friend, witty writer and an amazingly talented artist. she’s an amazing woman. she’s a wicked drummer and always has the softest toilet paper of the whole world (and a recently acquired squishy-toilet-seat which i’m diggin). heather has taught me tons of stuff about life and whatnot, she’s my mentor, my hero. she’s also introduced me to cheese popcorn and she loves cleaning. one of her tattoos are a bunch of paisley teardrops on her arm and chest. i’m in love with them and will one day have my own set of paisleys inked. she inspires me.

heathers beautiful and together with mike, her sweet yet stubborn husband, they have the awesomest baby girl, molly. i swear she’s the best kid. she’s always happy and friendly. she loves books (right now mostly chewing on them) and cars. she has her daddys baby blue eyes and her moms cute round face. when molly gets excited she sticks her tongue out and laughs. she gives amazing snuggles and loves eating bananas. i love that girl. sunday evening when we were heading home after a long and eventful day molly fell asleep in my arms.

i’m so lucky and so happy to have these two beautiful girls in my life ♥

molly likes skater boys better
lovin the feeling of sand, sand is fun

love this photo, so much ♥

she’s a happy girl


tired after a long day of fun

kids have the coolest clothing

beach picnic
shells are pretty
molly&mommy, my two favourite girls ♥

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