August 11, 2011

balcony lovin

I’m in Kamloops. Every time I say the word Kamloops I think of the word froot loops. I think I need to eat some froot loops in Kamloops (I did indeed to that, check it out here).
So yeah, I’m staying with Andy for a few days. Upon arrival last night I was greeted with intensely large lightning. Today it’s nice and warm and all around blue skies. Love it.
While waiting for Andy to get off of work I’ve made myself comfy on her balcony. It’s beautiful. There’s comfy chairs, a one-wheeled bicycle, a bbq, pretty flowers and plants, big cactuses and a beautiful view. I’m considering moving in.
One day, I will too have a pretty balcony.

mmmm coffee

pretty pots

this guys is so flexible

love cactus

I’m not sure why my toenails are black. It’s a little sad, they should be colourful. 

pretty fancy little spoon

stampede bbq sauce

Thompson River University

yes, I’m the creepy girl that takes photos of the neighbours balconies 

Randy made a delicious strawberry smoothie 

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August 16, 2011


would be cool to have a time sequence of feet and drinks I like tose pictures.

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