May 27, 2013

alt for everyone


I’ve been keeping my eyes open for design/blogging/web conferences lately, hoping to attend at least a few. I’ve had my eyes on Alt Summit for a while now. As much as I’d love to attend I’d have to pay for the conference itself, travel fair and accommodation. I know the knowledge I’d acquire and the connections I would make would be worth it, but it still felt like a big chunk for my brain to plan out.

Late april, on my way home from work, I was sitting on the bus scrolling through my twitter feed and came across alt for everyone. It’s alt but it’s online. Yes, you can attend alt no matter where you are AND you can wear your pjs. Perfect. Without much hesitation I paid the (surprisingly low) fee and got excited for my weekend of learning.

I got extra giddy when I found out that Joy Cho from OhJoy would be doing the keynote speech. I’ve been following OhJoy for a few years now and am a big fan of her blog, design work and books! As was to expected Joy’s keynote speech “The Art of Being a Goal Getter” was incredibly inspirational and motivating. Joy shared her details about her entrepreneur past – from age thirteen when she attempted to start her own calligraphy business and failed miserably – to now – a successful blogger, author and designer. Here are a few of the things I learnt from Joy

  2. The only person who will make your dreams come true is you.

  3. You have to want it.
  4. Tell me what you want. What you really, really want. (the Spice Girls were totally onto something with this tune)

  5. Set your goals.
  6. Even if they seem crazy, the higher the better.

  7. Do your research.
  8. Who or what will be the best fit to accomplish your goals? Surround yourself with the people that support you.

  9. Put together a presentation that shines.
  10. How will you show your ideas & convince someone of them? People won’t know what you can do for them until you show them.

  11. “No” is not the end of the world.
  12. You won’t always get what you want but it will pave the way for something else (Maybe even something better).

Inspired and ready to go tackle my goals and dreams I got my designer glasses on and made a graphic of my favourite tidbit from Joy’s speech (see above). One light, one dark I decided to make these downloadable wallpapers available for your desktop as well as your ipad and iphone. Simply select your device below, right click and save to your computer.

Don’t wait, GO! – Desktop | iPad | iPhone

You have to WANT ITDesktop | iPad | iPhone

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Thank you for this post! It’s always encouraging to know that those huge inspirations also started slow somewhere and had to live with set backs like everyone else. I only started my blog a few months ago and my Etsy shop this weekend and I am often wondering how successful people are doing it, how are they going where they want to go? The road is so long and it is easy to get discouraged from all the people around you, so things like this alt for everyone are good to get back into the groove.

Thanks for your comment Hanna, I totally know what you mean. I love every single one of Joy’s notes from “The Art of being a Goal Getter” speech and I can 100% relate to all of them.
You just gotta hang in there. If it’s what you really want you will succeed. If there’s one thing I’ve learnt so far it’s what you will make mistakes – a lot of mistakes. But the mistakes will be crucial to how your blog/business expands and you will learn so much from them. Now just make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes again and again :)

May 29, 2013

Ali Mackin

Hey thanks for posting this! I am a graphic designer and will be looking in to this!

Ali of

Dressing Ken

Happy to help :)
I checked out your blog, loving your content + your portfolio. Also cute that your name is Ali :)

Thanks for these great nuggets from Joy’s speech. I’m a creative director/ designer and always love to hear inspiring stuff. Great content & site.

You are very welcome! I’m always happy to share motivation + inspiration :)
I peeked over at your blog, fun content, will be checking back!

Just came across this looking for more info on Alt for Everyone this year (so excited!). LOVE these wallpapers. Thank you for creating them. I recently left my corporate job to become a Health Coach and blog so these are great reminders to set my intentions and stay focused!

Yay, that’s exciting! You’ll love alt!

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