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For the past 10+ years Angela Watson has been busy writing content, creating various offerings and growing her site The Cornerstone for Teachers. After years of generating content it was time to re-brand and re-organize her online home to make the content more accessible to her continuously growing audience and community of teachers.

Every piece of branded imagery, video, and graphical asset required that approachable elegance that Angela has become known for over the last thirteen years. Teachers were looking for substance over style, so it was our job to make sure the re-brand delivered this, while reflecting Angela’s many years of experience and expertise in the field.
The main focus in the design process was to create an exceptional visual hierarchy with a clear typographic structure, allowing for much white space and putting the content first, with colours used as emphasis to strengthen the content.
The logo echoes academia, without being too overbearing. The main typeface is a strong serif, reflecting the brands values, integrity and substance. Gem tones of varying purples became the main brand colour story, creating a sense of trust, creativity and connection, alongside abstract watercolour prints as visual elements.

The design work displayed here was created while under contract with Goatsocial. My main role on this project was creating the foundation of the new brand, including but not limited to: the logo, alternates and icons, a strong colour story, various graphic elements and their application, templates for social media imagery and a strong structured type hierarchy. The rest of the team then took on these elements and built out the rest of the brand, primarily the website. The present state of the brand may have been modified from its original design and as such may no longer represent the original concept. Shown below is the original re-brand design.

The Cornerstone for Teachers by Angela Watson Branding |

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