Layout designer, Typography nerd
and aspiring potter.


I am a professional graphic designer with many years of design experience, focusing on all things branding, typography and editorial layout design. Part German, part Portuguese and living in Canada for the past decade, my design work is as versatile and international as I am. Having worked closely with both marketing teams and developers in the past, I have a broad understanding of how design can work across different platforms, in both on and offline environments.



Random Facts

My favourite snack is popcorn and I've been pretty obsessed with Frida Kahlo ever since I was 14 and first came across her amazing body of work. I'm a big nerd and love attending local design and typography meetups. When I'm not busy designing I am usually at the pottery studio, improving my ceramic skills, while listening to podcasts or audiobooks.


A few years ago I got really serious about how I was using my Pinterest and through re-organizing, thoughtful branding and a lot of trial and error I was able to to grow my following from 4000 to 120k within a year. I'm no longer teaching Pinterest workshops, but if you are ever looking for design inspiration give my profile a follow.


Every other term I teach a twelve-week Portfolio Development class to students graduating from the Web and Design program at VanArts. I love collaboratively working with the students, helping them determine their career path, refine their final portfolio, get their coverletters on point and sharing all my freelance and design knowledge.

If the right fit comes along I'm always open to consider small speaking engagements, panel discussions or portfolio reviews, to chat about all things design and freelance.


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