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May 28, 2014

donut doubles

Brandon Voges x Strange Donut collaborate on Donut Doubles |

You know how dogs look like their owners? Well, how about looking like your donut?! I’m digging this delicious invite to a yearly breakfast event for The Marlin Network. Photographer Brandon Voges teamed up with Strange Donuts and shot these delicious Donut Doubles, along with a little video.

It’s probably the nerdy perfectionist designer in me but I drool all over clever juxtapositions, especially when they are clever, with that little bit of extra icing + sprinkles.

Brandon Voges x Strange Donut collaborate on Donut Doubles, a delicious portrait series |
Brandon Voges x Strange Donut collaborate on Donut Doubles |

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April 9, 2014

colour | 5 lucy snowe

Lucy Snowe Photography. Mid-century Swimmers Collection |

I recently came across west coast photographer Lucy Snowe and was immediately drawn to the colour palettes in her work. I am big fan of anything water/swimming related so I was very intrigued by this particular collection. It reminds me of those later summer afternoons by the cool, cooling off with fruity popsicles. Also, don’t you really want a vintage swimming cap now?! I sure do!

I’m loving the very vintage, mid-century feel this collection has. I highly suggest you pop on over to her etsy store and check out some of the backyard and home photographs too.

This whole mid-century vibe has me dreaming of Palm Springs again. Last year I attended DesignerVaca, a little retreat with a bunch of other lady designers. I made some great friendships there and am looking forward to making new connections again this year.

What are you summer plans? Anything exciting planned? :)

Lucy Snowe Photography. Mid-century Swimmers Collection |

Lucy Snowe Photography. Mid-century Swimmers Collection |

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March 16, 2014

zara | lookbook inspiration

Inspired by Zara's dynamic product pictures. Look Book inspiration |

Last week I was downtown and walked past Zara, which is by far one of my favourite stores. I recently blogged about wanting to simplify my closet and buy more minimal, quality pieces. Zara is definitely my go-to store for such items.

Unfortunately I was on my way to an appointment when I walked past the store and I did not get a chance to go in, so instead I browsed their site when I got home later that evening. I guess I must have not been on their site in quite a while because I was kind of blown away/utterly in love with their product shots. I love how dynamic all their pictures are. Every item is shot from a different angle, perceptive and pose, keeping it exciting and fresh as you browse through your favourite items. Each piece of clothing is worn by a model, not a static mannequin, and shown in real life action, unlike boring standing poses with 360 views.

Zara’s online shopping experience is very much like flipping through an actual lookbook. Each piece is thought out and shown from at least 3 different angles, giving you the real-life perspective of seeing someone wear it on the street. I can only imagine how much extra work this must be but it makes such a positive difference to the online shopping experience.

I’m a total sucker for look books and art directing shoots like this. If you have a jewellery, fashion or product line and are looking to creative a look book or even just update the products pictures in your online shop I would love to hear from you. Let’s work together!

Inspired by Zara's dynamic product pictures. Look Book inspiration |

Inspired by Zara's dynamic product pictures. Look Book inspiration |

Inspired by Zara's dynamic product pictures. Look Book inspiration |

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March 3, 2014


Black and white film. Beach time in Porto, Portugal |

I never really got a chance to learn how photos are developed in high school or art school or anywhere really. Although I had read about it and people had explained the process to me and I’d seen glimpses of it in movies, it was still always a bit of a mystery to me. It just seemed like kind of a magical process.

That little mystery was solved a few years ago when I went to visit my friend in Porto, Portugal. While studying architecture she conveniently also learnt how to develop photos. And even more conveniently her university had a darkroom. I was sorting through some old photos and came across the black and white roll we had shot while I was staying with her.

Thinking back at it I don’t fully remember too many details of the process, I guess it is time for a refresher. Although I was obviously very fascinated by the process I also remember it being very simple. I’m not sure what I was expecting but I guess in my head it had always been a bit of a magical procedure and once I got to see how it actually worked I realized there was no magic at all involved (duh!). Regardless it was still pretty amazing and special to learn.

Below are a few of the photos we took that weekend.

Black and white film. Downtown Porto, Portugal | Black and white film. Downtown Porto, Portugal | Black and white film. Beach in Porto, Portugal | Black and white film. Beach in Porto, Portugal | Black and white film portrait. Beach in Porto, Portugal | Black and white film. Beach in Porto, Portugal |

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February 27, 2014


Street Car. Lisbon, Portugal |

I love the city of Lisbon. Every time I go home I wander the streets snapping away 10000 pictures and discovering new corners. This particular trip I took a lot less photos. As much as I love photographing, lately I have felt the need to snap a few pictures, then put the camera away and actually enjoy the scenery to the fullest and truly soak it all in.

I feel like sometimes taking photos takes you out of the moment. You are hiding being your camera, taking it all in through your lens, not your eyes. Instead of enjoying the moment you are shifting around camera settings and wondering if you got enough shots. That doesn’t sound particularly relaxing to me.  It’s almost like you need two trips; one for really exploring and seeing it all, one for going around and taking pictures. I feel like I still need to find that balance.

I wanted to share some of these pictures from Lisbon which were taken on our way up to the castle of São Jorge and didn’t make it into the previous post.

Riding the train along the coast from Cascais Lisbon, Portugal |
Lisbon, Portugal | Old colourful buildings downtown Lisbon, Portugal | Looking down at the rooftops of Lisbon, Portugal | Attention! Street art Lisbon, Portugal | Back streets of Lisbon, Portugal | Tourist shop. Lisbon, Portugal | A peek at the sea from the top of Lisbon, Portugal | Beautiful old and colourful houses and tourist shops. Lisbon, Portugal | Flower pots and iconic blue and white houses of Portugal | As seen from above: Looking down at tourists and rooftops from the Castle of São Jorge |

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February 17, 2014

mini photo session

Mini indoor photo session, portraits |

A few weekends ago I met up with one of my closest friends. We live in different cities and instead of one of us having to travel all the way we decided to meet halfway, what a genius idea. We had big plans of sunny yet chilly afternoon winter walks with lots of picture taking. Unfortunately I somehow forgot my camera at home and once we arrived at our destination we realized it was VERY cold outside, as well as VERY windy. We tried to go out but our ears and fingers pretty much froze off and our hair was whirling around like crazy, making portraits extremely challenging.

Regardless of the weather we had a great time cooking up pancakes, drinking tea and chatting till 2am. On our last morning we decided that we needed to take at least a few photos. The little annex we were renting actually had pretty good lighting so we had a mini photo session, indoors.

I am rarely in front of the camera, so that’s always awkward. However anytime I have had my pictures taken it’s almost always been Naomi, it helps knowing the person that’s shooting you and being comfortable with them. I like it when she takes my photo because we are continuously bouncing ideas back and forth between each other, giving everything a try. She always let’s me kinda do my own thing, however I feel comfortable, without too much strict direction.

Below are a few of my favourite pictures from our little creative morning shoot. If you are curious to see more of Naomi’s work make sure to hop on over and like her Facebook page here.

An another note…I love lettering. I had way too much fun doing these tiny pieces. Do you remember this awesome coffee project? Gabriel and I have teamed up and are now delivering you a calendar piece of styling + type goodness every month (plus a ton of awesome links)! I should warn you that this is not your average calendar. We’re not into the whole pretty quotes on landscape photos kinda people. Our calendar has some attitude to it. All you gotta do is subscribe to Gabriel’s newsletter and you’ll get it delivered straight to your inbox. And it’s not too late to get February’s edition…Don’t miss out, sign up now!

Mini creative indoor photo session, portraits |
Cousin Itt, the Addams family. Mini creative indoor photo session, portraits |
The classic hair shot. Mini creative indoor photo session, portraits |
Mini creative indoor photo session, portraits |

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February 11, 2014

zeren badar

Zeren Badar collage  |
How are you guys all keeping up with the lack of summer sunshine? I’m drowning in the winter blues and would love to either cuddle back into bed and hibernate till May or hop on the next flight to Australia or the Caribbean.

I just came across the work of Zeren Badar and it instantly put a smile on my face. If the warm sunshine can’t come around yet to lift my spirits at least a little bit of art can. Zeren Badar grabs classical art pieces and combines them with elements of photography or collage. He adds food or other everyday elements to the paintings, making them quite humorous and colourful.

If that didn’t help lift your spirits you can always try purchasing a pack of these Sunlight Pills. What do you do to overcome your winter depression? I’m all ears!

Zeren Badar food collage | Zeren Badar collages | Zeren Badar food collages |

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February 10, 2014

castle of são jorge

Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |

My little trip to Europe was (more then) a few months ago. I started recapping the trip and showed some photos of my hometown Cascais, the Windmill of Dom Quixote and Cabo da Roca, the most western part of all of Europe. And then things got busy and that was it. I don’t know about you but I love looking back on vacation photos, regardless of whether it was 6 weeks or 6 months ago. So bare with me as I pop in here every so often with a few slightly-outdated photos of 2013.

On one of our last days in Lisbon we wandered up to the moorish Castle of São Jorge. In order to be as touristy as possible we hopped on the streetcar, which takes you up the majority of the way to the hilltop castle. Once you enter the garden of the castle your breath is taken away by an amazing view overlooking the historic centre of the Lisbon and the Tagus River. We had a fun time playing “Where’s Wally” by spotting all the little streets below we had wandered the previous day.

Now imagine waking up to that view every day!

taking the street car up to Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |
view of the Rio Tejo (Tagus river), the bridge "25 de abril" and the "Cristo Rei" (Christ the King) statue, as seen from the top of Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |
visiting the Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |
view of downtown Lisbon from the Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |
tourists at the Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |
downtown Lisbon as seen from the Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |
downtown Lisbon as seen from the Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |
Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |
Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |
Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |
inside the Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |
on top of the Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |
inside the Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |

inside the Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |

inside the Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |

inside the Castel of São Jorge, Lisbon, Portugal |

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January 31, 2014


Portrait Inspiration |

I’m so excited! I now have a board on my pinterest that is for portraits only, the small joy’s in life. Over the holidays I started looking for a bunch of portrait inspiration, as I realized I should really get an updated photo of myself.

Above is a compilation of some of the portraits I’ve come across recently, mostly part of style columns or blogger/designer about pages. Each one of them has stood out to me because it looks  effortless, easy and natural. Staged portraits are so a thing of the past, unless you happen to be in a kindergarden + high school photo sessions (barf). Below are some of my favourite more “artful” and “creative” portraits, the kind that play with light and shadow, colours, props, perspective and more.

I am heading out for a little nature getaway with my BFF this weekend. Fingers crossed it doesn’t rain. I will definitely be bringing my camera and use these pictures as inspiration.

All of these photos are on my pinterest board portraits, feel free to follow along.

cretaive and artful Portrait Inspiration |

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January 14, 2014

hair by herlinde koelbl

Haare (Hair) by Herlinde Koelbl |
Hair comes in all sorts of shapes, textures and colours and I’ve always kind of been fascinated by it. Yes, like many other girls I have a pinterest board titled “hair” (see here) where I have a large collection full of hair-spiration. But my fascination is not just a shallow self-centred one. Hair, or the lack thereof, can say a lot about a person; their personality, health, background or  culture, their lifestyle or even just their mood on a that particular day.

Herlinde Koelbl is a german, internationally recognized photographer, who for six years traveled the world, shooting images surrounding the broad topic of hair. From her adventures she published a book showcasing a fascinating insight into hair as a symbol of beauty and femininity, as well as strength and masculinity, wilderness, innocence and even sickness. The artists gives us a fascinating and intimate view of what to us, is so ordinary.

In 2011 I was visiting a friend in Konstanz, where Herlinde’s photo exhibit Haare happened to be on display. Below are a few of my favourite shots from the day.

from the exhibit Haare (Hair) by Herlinde Koelbl |
from the exhibit Haare (Hair) by Herlinde Koelbl  |

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November 20, 2013

coffee collab

Sailor's Coffee. A Collaboration between The Artful Desperado and Alicia Carvalho |

A few weeks ago my twitter friend Gabriel (creative treasure hunter behind the colourful blog The Artful Desperado) asked me if I wanted to contribute some typography to a project he was working on. Before even knowing the details I was excited. What I’ve learnt about freelancing is that you become somewhat of a hermit – you live, work, eat and sleep in this little bubble called your home and soon start longing for human connections (but more on that another time).

Gabriel is an up-and-coming food stylist and I have admired his work for quite some time now. The Canadian food and lifestyle magazine Acquired Taste invited him to be part of the #TheCoffeeProject – a curated collection of photographs showcasing the art of drinking coffee. Looking to spice things up Gabriel asked me if I’d like to add some typographic flare to his contribution.

After many ideas we decided to feature three coffee recipes; a simple cortado for your every day caffeine needs, a triple dark for your sweet cravings with a twist, and finally, a sailors coffee, spiked with a little rum. Each image features the awesome styling and recipe by Gabriel, accompanied by some coffee typography by me.

It was great to get off the computer and get my hands dirty with some grounded up coffee. I’ve been experimenting a lot with watercolour lately so it was only natural that one of the recipes would feature some instant coffee + water type. It was also such an awesome experience working with a fellow creative. I’m already dreaming up new projects to collaborate on and can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

To get the full recipe head on over to The Artful Desperado

The Cortado. A Collaboration between The Artful Desperado and Alicia Carvalho | The Triple Chocolate. A Collaboration between The Artful Desperado and Alicia Carvalho |

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November 5, 2013

cabo da roca

Far West, Cabo da Roca, Portugal |

After visiting the Dom Quixote windmill we headed to the light house of Cabo da Roca, which is the most western tip of all of Europe. 16th-century poet Luis de Camões described the place as “where the land ends and the sea begins”. The light house and viewpoint are on the top of a steep cliff and it is always insanely windy. We tried to take some pictures and my t-shirt was literally being blown off of my torso.

After joining all the tourists and snapping some photos we headed even further up to another viewpoint at an old abandoned sanctuary, Santuário da Peninha. We had a similar view as we did from the windmill, expect from here we got a full 360-view and, being at a far higher point, we could see the entire coastline that surrounds Cascais, even vaguely spotting my house.

I accidentally had my camera on the wrong setting without having noticed until later, therefore the awkwardly bright cyan in the sky. Regardless of the colour-coding in the pictures this beautiful view will forever be engraved in my brain.

"Aqui, onde a terra se acaba e o mar começa..." Luís de Camões. Cabo da Roca, Portugal |

Cabo da Roca, Portugal |

Lighthouse, Cabo da Roca, Portugal |

"Where the land ends and the sea begins..." Luís de Camões . Cabo da Roca, Portugal | www.alicia-carvalho.comCabo da Roca, Portugal |

Santuário da Peninha, Cabo da Roca, Portugal |
Santuário da Peninha, Cabo da Roca, Portugal |
Santuário da Peninha, Cabo da Roca, Portugal |

Santuário da Peninha, Cabo da Roca, Portugal |
Coast line of Cascais as seen from Santuário da Peninha, Cabo da Roca, Portugal |


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November 1, 2013


foliophoto favourites |

Today is the last day of #foliophoto, a little creative instagram challenge put together by Sandra from Rain Coast Creative Salon and Christie of Bedsidesign. For everyday in October they selected a new word that you could go creatively wild with and interpret in your own way, by snapping a little photo, posting it on Instagram and hashtagging it #foliophoto.

This particular challenge felt extra inspiring. I loved the idea of having a creative task every day that was quick and easy and didn’t take much effort. Plus the rewards were instant! It was so much fun getting feedback and comments from other participants, as well as scrolling through the feed to see what everybody else came up with.

Below are a few of my favourite pictures I took throughout the month. If you want to see more of my pictures you can scroll through my Instagram feed or see everybody’s by going through #foliophoto.

Big thank you to you two lovely ladies for putting this simple little challenge of creativity and happiness together :)

foliophoto favourites |


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October 30, 2013

north korea | vice

Photography by David De Vleeschauwer and the Vice Guide to Travel: North Korea |

My boyfriend and I are really into documentaries, it’s our go-to genre on Netflix. We’ve also gotten really into some of the Vice documentaries, especially “The Vice Guide to Travel” series. It’s a mini series, which follows Vice employees travelling to dangerous, often weird and offbeat location across the globe. A few weeks ago we watched the the episode “Inside North Korea” (unfortunately not on Netflix. You Tube link below). Not knowing much about North Korea I found this particular episode very educational and simply bizarre, learning about such an isolated and “staged” country. I’ve now made my way through most of Vice’s travel episodes and highly recommend them.

Learning about North Korea from the guys at Vice made me think of a photo series I had seen in the past by photographer David De Vleeschauwer who was granted a short trip into the highly guarded North Korea. I remember being very drawn into his photos, inspired by the cohesive colour schemes, awesome composition and amazed at the emptiness and lack of habitants in the city.

Below are a few of my favourite shots from this series. If you want to learn more about what it’s like to visit North Korea view the Vice episode here or read more about David De Vleeschauwer’s trip here.

Deserted Streets. Photography by David De Vleeschauwer and the Vice Guide to Travel: North Korea | Uniforms. Photography by David De Vleeschauwer and the Vice Guide to Travel: North Korea | Photography by David De Vleeschauwer and the Vice Guide to Travel: North Korea | Photography by David De Vleeschauwer and the Vice Guide to Travel: North Korea | Photography by David De Vleeschauwer and the Vice Guide to Travel: North Korea |


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October 22, 2013

dom quixote windmill

Dom Quixote Windmill, Cabo da Roca, Portugal |

During our stay in Cascais we wandered up to Cabo da Roca one morning. Cabo da Roca is the furthest western part of Europe, more on that in my next post.

On our way there we stopped by an old windmill turned cafe, the Dom Quixote Windmill. Just like Cascais it is located in Sintra, a subregion of Lisbon. To get there you have to drive up a number of little winding streets to get all the way to the top. Once at the windmill you can enjoy a coffee or juice with a little snack and take in the amazing view. Besides the crazy view I love all the traditional blue and white tiles throughout the cafe and all the gigantic succulents growing wildly in the gardens.

It’s been crazy foggy in Vancouver the past few days so there’s been a bunch of pictures floating around instagram taken from the top of the mountains where all you can see is the tip of a few of the tall downtown buildings. I wonder what the Dom Quixote Windmill view point would look like on a foggy day. Do you think you could see anything at all? It would probably just feel like you’re in the clouds, which sounds pretty dreamy and chill to me.

Dom Quixote View Point, Cabo da Roca, Portugal | Dom Quixote Windmill Cafe, Cabo da Roca, Portugal | Dom Quixote Windmill, Cabo da Roca, Portugal | Dom Quixote Windmill Succulent Garden, Cabo da Roca, Portugal | Traditional blue and white tiles at Dom Quixote Windmill, Cabo da Roca, Portugal | Traditional blue and white tiles at Dom Quixote Windmill, Cabo da Roca, Portugal | Dom Quixote Windmill Succulent Garden, Cabo da Roca, Portugal |

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October 14, 2013


Cascais, Portugal |

Cascais is my hometown. It’s just outside of Lisbon along the beautiful atlantic coast. It’s a little cosmopolitan fishing village which gained fame in the late 19th century for serving as a resort for the royal family and has now become one of the richest municipalities. Nowadays it’s a popular vacation spot for both portuguese and foreign tourists.

Whenever I go to Portugal walking around the streets of Cascais is my favourite thing to do. I have so many memories and favourite little corners around from growing up there. This time was extra special because it was the first time my boyfriend came along. Showing him where I grew up and seeing it through his eyes was one of the best parts of our trip.

I love walking along all the little streets, the even smaller back alleys, spotting the random colourful walls or vintage neon signs. Another favourite is strolling along the beach and promenade, grabbing an ice cream, popping into cute little local stores, checking out artisan goods and swooning over all the beautiful tiles. There is also a big park nearby which is covered in eucalyptus trees. Lastly I love spotting some good street art under the bridge, on trains or on abandoned buildings.

Back alleys, colourful tiles and vinatge neon signs. Cascais, Portugal |

Many people who visit Europe don’t make it to Cascais, let alone Portugal. It’s at the bottom western part of Europe and not in a dense area like the rest of Europe. Obviously I am biased but I would highly suggest going to Portugal. March/May and September are my favourite times to go; there are not many tourists around and it’s not burning hot out, but usually warm enough to go for a swim and get some quality beach time. Another bonus is that you are avoiding the high season and may get your flights at a slightly discounted rate.

Next week I’ll share some pictures of our little day adventure out to Lisbon.

All pictures were taken with my iphone. Because of the weight and sometimes inconvenience of my camera I didn’t take it with me every day. For the remaining posts I will try to share mostly DSLR photos. 

Cascais/Estoril, Portugal |

Ice cream, palm trees and eucalyptus. Cascais, Portugal |

Pink Wall. Cascais, Portugal |

Street Art. Cascais, Portugal |

Live, love, laugh. Cascais, Portugal |


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October 9, 2013

palm springs

The Desert. Ace Hotel during Designervaca |
So, I realize I’m super behind on sharing all my Europe pictures buuuut….one thing at a time. Since it was more recent and there is a lot less of them I thought I would share some of the Palm Springs photos first and then get to the Europe ones throughout the next few weeks.

Palm Springs was pretty much what I had imagined but more…surreal. People kept commenting on how it looked like straight out of the movies which made me think someone would just come out and suddenly yell “CUT” or one of the palm trees would deflate because it’s actually just a fake prop. I guess that goes together nicely with my biggest take away from designervaca, we are all faking it.

I didn’t really do much research on Palm Springs as I was pretty sure I was going to be strictly at the Ace Hotel all weekend. I’m used to the green and forestry British Columbia mountains and did not expect to see any in Palm Springs. Little did I know that Palm Springs is right at the bay of the mountains – these being rocky and dry, however still very impressive.

I’d love to go back to the Palm Springs area one day and go on a little road trip throughout the desert. The landscape was so plain and monotone. Although it may sound boring I felt it was actually a rather inspiring and refreshing emptiness compared to the usual cluttered city life.

Below are a few photos taken at the Ace Hotel. For more Palm Springs photos you can scroll through my instagram feed or search for hashtag #designervaca which all of us used throughout the weekend.

Ace Hotel, Palm Springs. Designervaca |

Ace Hotel, Palm Springs. Designervaca |

Ace Hotel, Palm Springs. Designervaca |

Ace Hotel Pool Side, Palm Springs. Designervaca |

Palm Springs. Designervaca |

Ace Hotel Mural, Palm Springs. Designervaca |

"Don't lose sight of love" Ace Hotel, Palm Springs. Designervaca |

Palm Springs. Designervaca |

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October 3, 2013

motion theater

geometric design by Caroline Grohs for Motion Theater |

I’m not sure what it is about dance and ballet but it absolutely fasinates me. In the past I have often used ballet posters and photoshoots as inspiration for other projects I am working on (such as this one). I came across the branding Caroline Grohs did for the Motion Theater the other day and was immediately in love. I love the way she tackled the overall brand, how the logo wraps and modifies along with the dancers in an elegant and dynamic way. Even the type interacts with the dancers and manages to really draw in the reader. It also reminded me of Stefan Sagmeister’s branding project a few years ago for Casa da Musica in Porto.

Ballet and Dance Posters for Motion Theater by Caroline Grohs |

Be sure to check out the rest of the materials Caroline Grohs designed for Motion Theater on her portfolio. If you enjoy dance and ballet take a few minutes to watch this little video made for the The Australian Ballet (it still gives me the chills). I also highly recommend watching First Position and Pina on Netflix.

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September 24, 2013

zara mini

Zara Minis |

I just came across the Zara mini’s collection and felt like I needed to share it. Over the past year I’ve taken a great interested and appreciation for photo styling. Although I absolutely love colours and patterns I have also started to really enjoy combinations of neutrals, like grey and whites, alongside textural natural elements, like wood or paper.

Zara Minis |

This mini’s look book showcases the best of both with it’s simple lines, quality use of white space and a relaxed layout and placement of the items themselves. It doesn’t scream fashionably fake and trendy, but instead easy and perfectly minimalistic.

Zara Minis |

It must be so much fun to work on a look book like this; gathering all the inspiration behind the items, determining the look and feel you are going for and what the story is you are trying to tell, finding the props and finally setting up, testing different shots and angles and and photographing it all.

Zara Minis |

My current dream project would be work with a jewellery or fashion designer to help them tell the story behind their products. This being said, if there is anyone out there in this field looking for a designer feel free to head over to my contact page and get in touch :)

What are some companies you enjoy for their look books? What make your little eyeballs happy?

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July 2, 2013

scout & catalogue


Scout & Catalogue launched a new collection today! Scout & Catalogue is a local studio creating beautiful bohemian scarfs, clutches and more. Inspired by sunny siestas on mexican beaches this brand has everything you need for your summer.

I am a big fan of graphic designers who design their own collections. Besides creating beautiful products their whole brand is always so clean, simple and put-together. As a graphic designer I judge books by their covers and the recently re-branded scout & catalogue site and blog is right up my alley.



My dream project at the moment would be to collaborate with a product or fashion designer, art direct a shoot and design a look book. I love the possibilities you have with product photography, whether it’s simple poses showing off the products such as in this shoot, or telling a story throughout the look book, re-emphasizing the concept of the collection.


So if you happen to be needing or  know anyone out there who needs a little help putting together a collection or look book give me a shout! I’m spending the summer finishing up several projects and taking on new clients for the fall.

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May 23, 2013

colour | 2 – supernatural


I love it when people from different creative backgrounds collaborate – the results are always one of a kind. I’m digging the way the florals are incorporated into these plain outfits. Combined with the delicate make-up and bulky earrings it’s the perfect picture (+ bright yellow and a lot of green and we’re getting close to a Frida Kahlo vibe!).

This colour palette is a good description of Vancouver at the moment. All the pink cherry blossoms have fallen and blown away and although the sun keeps trying to get through the dark blue clouds are still winning.

supernatural-floral-design-Poloneckfloral design: supernatural  |  photographer: alix-rose cowie  |  styling: kate desmarais  |  model: shelly chen

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April 15, 2013

houses of east van

Houses of East Vancouver | Alicia Carvalho

As I was browsing through my external harddrive I came across many old photographic goodies. I’ve always been a big fan of photography and love taking my own photos. I was a lot more active with my camera a few years back. I find that it’s hard to keep up with it throughout the cold and rainy winter months and once summer rolls around I have to remind myself of the awesome Nikon I have sitting in the corner of my room. It’s also so easy to leave your camera at home and snap away with your iPhone instead, the quality of cell phone photography these days amazes me (I have 3000+ photos on my phone…it’s crazy, you can follow me on instagram here). All my photos are no good sitting around on my external so I think I may start sharing a few on the blog here and there.

Houses of East Vancouver | Alicia Carvalho

A few summers ago I started a photo series called “Houses of East Vancouver”. At that time I was working at a restaurant in the evenings and instead of taking the bus I would walk to work. It was a good 45 minute walk through the neighbourhood of East Vancouver from Fraser Street to Cambie. What I loved about this neighbourhood was its personality; each of these houses felt like it looked completely different from the one beside it, whether it was a different size, shape or colour. I started taking my camera on my walk with me and snapped a few pictures of the different houses.

Houses of East Vancouver | Alicia Carvalho

I love how everything looks so green, every house is accompanied by a garden and trees!

Houses of East Vancouver | Alicia Carvalho

A lot of houses in the neighbourhood are quite old by North West American standards (the one I live in now was build at the start of the 20th century) and it’s interesting to see their old architectural style combined with fresh vibrant coats of paint. Hope you like it!

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April 8, 2013

mad men 6


So….who’s excited for Mad Men season 6? I didn’t realize it was coming up so quickly, so when I saw these awesome promo photos I got extra giddy. I think I’m really excited to see the characters further develop; Joan has always been one of my favourites and I feel Peggy-action was really lacking in season 5 so I’m hoping it picks up again.


I really enjoyed the first few seasons of Mad Men. I was intrigued by the settings, clothing and lifestyle of the 1960’s and the various different characters and personalities. I think my favourite part in the beginning was the attention they gave to the agencies work; we got to see so much of the creative process, from both an art and copywriting perspective and how the work got perceived by the clients. As a graphic designer it only makes sense I would enjoy these details. I guess my biggest wish would be to see more of that in the upcoming episodes.


I felt like season 5 had really gone downhill, as it is common for TV shows that run for a few years. The fact that they took a break and decided to start it up again has to be a good sign. I’m trying not to get my hopes up too high, often times it’s just setting yourself up for disappointment.  Do you guys ever get that? So excited to watch/read/experience something that when it actually happens it doesn’t quite live up to your expectations?!

Photos via AMC Facebook 

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March 28, 2013

mark merton


You may have seen this photo making it’s away across several pinterest boards during the past few days. At first glance it almost looks like a painting; a variety of geometric shapes and textures arranged in an abstract and semi-symmetrical way. Lots of bright light pink areas contrasting with a few pops of dark green, neutrals and a blob of navy blue. Before I even realized what it was I could imagine it on a gigantic canvas, hanging on a white wall in a modernist, neutral apartment. I love it.


The photographs are by Sydney based photographer Mark Merton who specializes in aerial photography. His work is stunning. He takes photos of familiar landscapes, objects and sceneries, yet from a completely different and sort of unfamiliar perspective. The straight on birds-eye view shows the intense level of depth and layering in the patterns of our natural and urban landscapes.



I find repetition and the way it draws your eye in is such a beautiful and fascinating thing. The repetition and abstraction creates these crazy dynamic shapes. A lot of his urban neighbourhood shots make me think of Sim City. I am not much of a video gamer but my boyfriend bought the new one that came out a few weeks ago and I have been very entertained with it (I’ve probably played more hours then he has). The game is all about building cities and increasing their growth and it’s awesome. I’m actually extremely fascinated by the concept and capabilities of the game, but more about that another time.


This last one made me giggle. Love how he caught swimmers and surfers falling through the waves. Make sure to check out his flickr or his stock photography site for more amazing photographs.

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March 17, 2013

inspired by picasso

Eugenio Recuenco Pablo Picasso

Eugenio Recuenco is a spanish Photographer, known for his cinematographic and pictorial work in the editorial and advertising world, having been featured in magazines such as Vogue. In a recent project Eugenio pays homage to another spanish artist, Pablo Picasso. In a series of photographs he uses models to emulate poses from some of the artists surrealistic and cubistic works.

Eugenio Recuenco Pablo Picasso

I love how each of these photographs is so carefully and creatively thought out, from the colours to the poses, similar fashions and extravagant make up. Despite it’s eccentricity the styles are wearable (I’m really enjoying the above yellow sweater) and the photographs look like something you would see in a conceptual editorial.

Eugenio Recuenco Pablo Picasso

She looks like a semi-creepy flight attendant, I dig it.

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February 6, 2013

boutique minimaliste

I recently came across this cute little etsy shop Boutique Minimaliste. I absolutely adore her jewelry and have added most items to my wish list (how adorable are these little gold studs?! or these geometric earrings with a matching ring?)!

boutique minimaliste lookbook photoshoot

This black and white photo shoot featuring her pompom necklace really stood out to me. I love the washed out vibe of the photo and necklace against the tanned skin contrasting with the laced mini-jumpsuit (whatever those things are called).

boutique minimaliste lookbook photoshoot

Also who doesn’t love a butt that looks like a heart?! I may be a little biased because the shop is located in Portugal and the photos taken on the warm sunny beaches I so desperately long for in these grey and cold winter months.

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May 15, 2012


The only time I tend to be in front of the camera is when Andy comes to town. We had a little portrait session downtown. Really love how both of our photos turned out.

Portrait Photography Vancouver

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography

Portrait Photography by Alicia Carvalho

Tree Tattoo | Alicia Carvalho Photography


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April 11, 2012

wet dog

I just stepped outside and it smells like wet dog due to the rain. These wicked photos by Carli Davidson seemed extremely suitable.

Wet Dog Portraits by Carli Davidson

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March 29, 2012

where is summer?

Yes, its july. However I live in vancouver. Vancouver likes it’s rain. I don’t mind rain. But It’s not my favourite when it comes drizzling from the sky every few days throughout the months of june-august. it’s just not cool.

I took these photos on my home in Stanley Park after photographing some life-size origami herons by joseph wu. He made them for the summer live festival last year.

Can’t help but love this city despite the rain.

Stanley Park Vancouver, BC | Alicia Carvalho

Stanley Park Vancouver, BC | Alicia Carvalho

Stanley Park Vancouver, BC | Alicia Carvalho

Stanley Park Vancouver, BC | Alicia Carvalho

Skyline Vancouver, BC | Alicia Carvalho

Stanley Park Vancouver, BC | Alicia Carvalho

Stanley Park Vancouver, BC | Alicia Carvalho

Stanley Park Vancouver, BC | Alicia Carvalho

Rowing Vancouver, BC | Alicia Carvalho

Stanley Park Vancouver, BC | Alicia Carvalho

Vancouver, BC | Alicia Carvalho

Stanley Park Vancouver, BC | Alicia Carvalho

Photos by Alicia Carvalho

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March 25, 2012

andre freitas

Andre Freitas Double Exposure Portrait

I came across Andre Freitas amazing double exposure photos the other day as I was doing an inspiration board for a client. Absolutely in love with these.

Andre Freitas Double Exposure Portrait

Andre Freitas Double Exposure Photography

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March 20, 2012

særún norén

Særún Norén Black and White Portrait Photography |

After watching the original swedish movies of The Millenium series I stumbled across, Særún Norén, who is Noomi Rapace‘s sister (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo). Særún Norén is a photographer and I was very impressed with her work, especially her black and white photographs. There is always something really special about good quality black and white portraits, it brings forth so much emotion. It’s almost like without the distraction of colours you get a chance to focus on all the little details and imperfections of a persons face.

Besides being a photographer Særún Norén is also an actress, just like her mom and sister. Shes’ played parts in a few little danish and swedish short films and tv series. Check out more of her photography here.

Noomi Rapace Portrait by her photographer sister Særún Norén |

Særún Norén Portrait Photography |

Særún Norén Portrait and Landscape Photography |

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March 14, 2012

yummy pantone

Edible Pantones

I found these amazingly-delicious looking pantone tarts on pinterest. What a nerdy-yummy idea, if I came across one of these in a bakery I’d have a hard time picking just one.

Pantones Cakes

Original post here. 

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March 11, 2012

dogs on beach

Doggies on a cloudy beach day. Victoria Summer 2011.

Dog on Beach | Alicia Carvalho Photography

Dog on Beach, Victoria BC | Alicia Carvalho Photography

Dog on Beach, Victoria BC | Alicia Carvalho Photography

Dog Photography, Victoria BC | Alicia Carvalho Photography

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March 9, 2012


ModCloth Underwater Fashion Shoot

Water seems to be theme of the year and I love it. After my under-water-oil-paintings post and the dreamy-underwater-kids-photoshoot this is yet another underwater inspired post! Modcloth is awesome. I love their dresses and styles and their design, their look books always look adorable with great accompanying typography or illustrations and witty headlines.

ModCloth Underwater Photoshoot

If only they had their head office in Vancouver, I would do everything in my power to get a job there. Btw I would love to design and photograph a look book one day. It’s kinda on my “things I really really want to do” list. So if there’s any fashion designers out there needing some help art directing and putting together a look book do give me a shout!

ModCloth Underwater Style Shoot

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February 28, 2012


I’ve always enjoyed art involving a projector and a nude human somewhere in between. This is called the relationship between man and nature by Davina Wilby.

Human Canvas, Projecting by Davina Wilby

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February 27, 2012

dogs as typefaces

Dogs as Typefaces

Love this poster found on Miss Swiss Blog. Dog and typefaces, does it get any better?!

Image one

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February 19, 2012

fallen princess

Rapunzel Cancer | Fallen Princess by Dina Goldstein

Fairy Tale characters in modern day scenarios. Whenever I hear the word controversial Dina Goldstein and her Fallen Princess series pops into my head.

Fallen Princess by Dina Goldstein

Make sure to check out more of her work, she’s amazing!

Snow White | Fallen Princess by Dina Goldstein

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February 13, 2012


Elena Kalis Underwater Photoshoot

So in love with the underwater-alice-in-wonderland-inspired photos by Elena Kalis. My roomate Celine and I been visiting the swimming pool a lot lately. I love swimming so much and whenever I go now I think about how badly I’d love to do an underwater photoshoot, maybe this summer….

Alice in Wonderland Inspired Underwater Photoshoot by Elena Kalis
Images by Elena Kalis.

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February 6, 2012


Wallpaper Women by Cecilia Paredes

Image: Cecilia Paredes (funny enough her last name means wall in portuguese)

Speaking of camouflaged body painting, this has been on a constant re-peat for me.

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June 22, 2011


A little afternoon walk in Steveston.






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June 21, 2011

porto street art


i love street art.
banksy is pretty cool. i guess everybody knows that now. if you haven’t seen exit through the gift shop get on it!! margaret kilgallen is great too. watch beautiful losers everybody. it’s a great documentary. you won’t regret it. trust me. watch it. like right now.
i was going to write a whole paragraph or two on street art here but i just ain’t in the mood for it. all you gotta know is that street art is amazing and portugal is covered in it. sure enough some of it is just tags and big bubbly letters, but there’s also lots of really awesome art out there. it’s so fascinating and impressive to me. i love it. i wish i could have photographed it all. most of it was me seeing it through the backseat window driving through town, so it’s mostly photographed in my brain.
i could probably devote a whole trip to just photographing street art.
next trip to portugal i’m heading out with spray cans and stencils.
that’s right, i’m going to be a street artist.
here’s some street art from porto.











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June 19, 2011

rain, clouds, sun


my trip to porto is pretty much summed up by rain, clouds, sun.
you’d leave the house in the morning not sure whether you should put on jeans or shorts, bring your sun tan lotion or your umbrella.
here’s a few shots from my first afternoon in porto. this is a little park by palácio, which is just down the street from teresa’s house.
i’m feelin black and white today.






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May 26, 2011

das voglhaus

Das Voglhaus (german for “the birdhouse”) is in Konstanz, Germany. it’s one of the many cool coffee shops we went to. Das Vogelhaus is special, not because it has delicious coffee or amazing cheesecake, however that did help. No, Das Vogelhaus is special because you get to sit in the window. Kind of like your a window display, minus the looking perfect and static part. It’s pretty neat, there’s a few big windows and you get to sit on comfy pillows and bean bags in the window. There’s only space for like max 3 people, but its cozy.

Also, they have amazing wallpaper and book shelve solutions. It’s pretty neat, I highly recommend you check it out if you’ve ever in that corner or the world.

Das Vogelhaus, Konstanz, Germany |

Delicious coffee and cheesecake at Das Vogelhaus, Konstanz, Germany |

Awesome window seating at Das Vogelhaus, Konstanz, Germany |

Hanging out with best friends at Das Vogelhaus, Konstanz, Germany |

Fun wallpaper and book self at Das Vogelhaus, Konstanz, Germany |

Delicious cheescake at  Das Vogelhaus, Konstanz, Germany |

People watching at Das Vogelhaus, Konstanz, Germany |

Das Vogelhaus, Konstanz, Germany |

Awesome lighting at Das Vogelhaus, Konstanz, Germany |

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May 24, 2011


I really like airports, especially the International Vancouver Airport.

I guess theres always a certain amount of excitement that comes with airports; you’re either going somewhere or returning home. There’s so many different people from all sorts of different places of the world speaking all sorts of different languages. I find it fascinating.People watching is always fun.

Over the years I’ve spent time in several airports and yeah, Vancouver is my favourite. The main reason is probably due to the fact that it has an aquarium in the international section. I love all sorts of sea life. I’m pretty sure if I hadn’t followed the arts, I would have probably gone with biology and become a marine biologist.

fun lighting at YVR airport |

empty YVR airport |

YVR airport |


Aquarium at YVR airport |

YVR airport |

YVR airport |

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May 23, 2011

tie-dye clouds

Max Wanger is a great LA based photographer who I am very inspired by. His photos are super fun, dynamic and have an unconventional style. He plays with negative space a lot, seeing things from a different angle, as well as cropping in whimsical ways. I came across this interview from Have a quick read through it if your interested.

I’m still working on finding a photography style of my own. I think it’ll all come along naturally with time. Here’s a few shots I took yesterday along the beach in Cascais. Semi-inspired by mr. Max Wanger himself. I’m in love with the weather and beautiful blue sky, having fun playing with perspective and whatnot. 

Blue skies and tie-dye clouds over the beach. Cascais, Portugal 2011 | under blue skies and tie-dye clouds over the beach. Cascais, Portugal 2011 | skies and tie-dye clouds over the beach. Cascais, Portugal 2011 | Blue skies and tie-dye clouds over the beach. Cascais, Portugal 2011 | Blue skies and tie-dye clouds over the beach. Cascais, Portugal 2011 | Blue skies and tie-dye clouds over the beach. Cascais, Portugal 2011 | Blue skies and tie-dye clouds over the beach. Cascais, Portugal 2011 | Blue skies and tie-dye clouds over the beach. Cascais, Portugal 2011 | Couple under blue skies and tie-dye clouds over the beach. Cascais, Portugal 2011 |

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May 2, 2011


this weekend i got to hang out with two amazing friends. two women i admire and look up to. this pretty lady is one of them, shawna manske.

i had the chance to work with shawna for a few months. tho the job wasn’t the most exciting it was always great to have her around. she’s creative, inspirational and ambitious and works hard to make all her dreams come true. she’s gone overseas to teach little korean kids english and has traveled to pretty much any cool exotic place you can think of. shes super outdoorsy and sporty and always full of positive energy. later this summer shes getting married to her amazing fiancee matt and later next year they are opening up their own business (stay tuned cause once they get it all up and running i’ll be blogging about it. i don’t want to hype it up but it’s going to kick-ass).

shawna and i went for a deliciously huge pancake&french toast breakfast. after we went back to her
and matt’s loft in gastown. their place is awesome. its probably the coolest place to live in in all of vancouver. besides being a loft (which already gives it 10 bonus points) it has a beautiful view of downtown and tons of cool amenities like a recording studio, a dark room, a pottery room and a
wood workshop.

and last but not least i got a bunch of doggie kisses from dachshund ella and max. they are the cutest dogs. i’ve always loved big dogs but i’m in love with these two. so much that i hope to get my own little sausage dog in the (possibly near) future. max is a hyper little one with ears as big as his body. and ella…well, ella is ella. shes sooo tiny, and shy but sweet and loving.

DSC_0006 DSC_0021 DSC_0045 DSC_0071 DSC_0081

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April 25, 2011

blue eyed naomi

This is Naomi, one of my BFF’s. She has blue eyes and gets a ton of freckles in the summer. Besides that she’s really good at braiding hair. Extremely creative and inspiring, super crafty and a photographer as well! Oh yeah….and in case you hadn’t noticed she’s gorgeous.

A few months ago she actually chopped her hair right off. No more Rapnuzel hair. She hella pulls it off.


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April 8, 2011

leave the lion

Black and white concert photography. Leave the Lion at the Railway Club, Vancouver |

Respect to concert photographers, it ain’t easy. Luckily I did a bunch of research ahead of time and figure out what the best settings would be. I’ve been working a lot with colour lately and felt myself missing some good old black and white photography so where we go!

Leave the Lion at the Railway Club (March 2011).
Adam Rosenthal, Lyell Woloschuk, Taylor Patterson and Vince Favel.

Black and white concert photography. Leave the Lion at the Railway Club, Vancouver |

Black and white concert photography. Leave the Lion at the Railway Club, Vancouver |

Black and white concert photography. Leave the Lion at the Railway Club, Vancouver |

Black and white concert photography. Leave the Lion at the Railway Club, Vancouver |

Black and white concert photography. Leave the Lion at the Railway Club, Vancouver |

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