usb diffuser | escents

de-stress at your desk

Ultrasonic Diffusers emit natural aromas and build healthy and pure living environments using advanced air technologies that sterilize, purify, humidify and deodorize the air. Oils are broken up into extremely fine micro-particles and dissolved in water without the use of heat, maximizing the extraction of the beneficial ingredients from the essential oils.

This little USB diffuser plugs into your computer, perfect for scenting up your office space. The packaging reflects the product itself: modern, clean lines and shapes. The box is an off-grey, fitting in with the other products in the store. The bright green on the box and product is Escent’s new fresh corporate colour. To give this mechanical product a sense of nature and balance a circular shape is used to empahsize important information and a photo is subtly used in the background. The black and white photograph of a waterfall evokes a feeling of relaxation. The USB diffuser is best paired with a soothing lavender or peppermint oil, de-stressing you as you work away on your computer.