simple, fast and easy to use

SupaReada is an android feed reader app, which allows you to follow your favourite blogs, news sites, recipes, comics, magazines, craigslist/eBay listings and more… It is the perfect app for the on-the-go person who occasionally follows a few feeds while commuting via public transit.

The app strives for simplicity in it’s appearance and functionality, with a scaled back colour wheel, simple icons and only a few basic necessary functions. SupaReada is flexible to your personal reading habits and allows you to change a few of the settings to your liking, including show/hide images, show/hide timestamp, shortened vs full excepts and on/off auto-refresh on start-up. Additional useful features include copy Url, sharing via social media, viewing post in browser, easily add/delete feeds and import your feed list (OPML). In order to make the app as accessible as possible to everyone out there it is available in english, german, serbian and croatian.

Fully respecting it’s users privacy supaReada is as uninvasive as possible and does not require you to make an account. The only permissions the app requires are internet access (to fetch blogs) and phone store permission (to store your feed).

To download the app visit the playstore here.

Developed by Oskar Separovic.

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