Shop the world’s most unique brands is a curated marketplace that connects talented new and emerging fashion designers and independent boutiques with fashion and beauty lovers from all over the world. It eliminates geographical barriers in boutique shopping and provides designers with a platform to gain global brand recognition and customers.

When the client approached me the website was well on it’s way but there was no branding in place. The website has a very minimalistic layout. Inspired by Vogue Magazine, the boutique was to have a very expensive, exclusive and elegant identity. The main typeface of the logo is a strong, bold serif typeface which translates the idea of high fashion and exclusivity.  The secondary typeface is a simple one, which is easily readable on digital applications. Although mostly present online it was important for the logo shape to work well on the website header, as well as in an e-mail signature, a business card and marketing collateral. The logo has a very strong presence, allowing it to shine nicely on it’s on or alongside a photo.

The brand is made up of two parts; the shopping area also know as the boutique and the social area also know as the magazine. Therefore the logo was designed in a flexible manner to take on different variations.

For social media applications such as facebook, twitter and pinterest we created a logo icon; a simplified version of the logo which sums up the overall brand in a few characters, while still having that same strong presence. In order to allow the fashion items to shine the only branding colours used are black and white with hints of gray shades. Outside of the boutique area a few print and online details use a bright pink to play on’s feminine side.

In order to emphasize the uniqueness and exclusivity of the brand the business cards were designed in mini-format; same width as regular business cards yet half the size in height. This also follows the shape of the logo, allowing it to have a much stronger visual presence.

The branding of included a logo, an icon, custom social media graphics for facebook, twitter and pinterest, a tumblr theme, online banner ads, a splash page, a business card, stationary design and branded marketing documents. branding Homepage Social Media Pages


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