pets are not products – illustration

holiday campaign

Paws for Hope is a Vancouver-based charity established in 2011. After recognizing the Province’s animal support system was broken and in a state of crisis Paws for Hope stepped up by filling the gaps with its own direct animal assistance and educational programs.

Paws for Hope contacted me to create a promotional graphics for their annual Pets are not Products Campaign, which educates B.C. residents about the animal welfare issues related to the retail sale of cats, dogs, and rabbits. Taking the name of the campaign literal, the concept for the card was to create an illustration of animals for purchase on a store shelf, as though they were products. The challenge for this postcard was to make it eye-catching and “sad”, without looking like all the other animal-welfare campaigns out there. The illustration was done up in a cute cartoonish style to draw the passer-byes in. Upon closer examination you realize the cute pets are actually sad, reinforced by the predominately melancholic grey and blue colour scheme. The bright orange areas point towards the tagline and explanation behind the campaign. To furthermore reinforce the idea of the animals as products barcodes where placed on the animals.

This campaign included a promotional postcard and poster, as well as large-scale barcodes which were stuck to stuffed animals that were placed on sidewalks outside busy holiday shopping areas.

Paws for Hope Holiday Campaign "Pets are not Products" Illustration |

Paws for Hope Holiday Campaign "Pets are not Products" |