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a scent journey through canada

The new My Canada collection takes you on a journey with six new scents inspired by the unique regions of Canada. Designed with home scenting in mind, the packaging features duotone photography that embodies the Pacific, Prairie, Metro, French, Maritime and Arctic landscapes of Canada. To reflect the style of the product packaging the concept for the marketing campaign was “A Scent Journey though Canada”. The poster reflects all the different regions as postcards, conceptualizing the idea of nostalgic memories and travels through scent.

The campaign included promotional in-store signage, shelf lips, posters and handouts, as well as graphics for the homepage, product landing pages, e-newsletters and online branding across social media and product photography.

Shown below are the online graphics at the time the promotion was running. Since it was a limited time promotion the site may have been modified and as such may no longer represent these original concepts.

Escents Aromatherapy Homepage

Escents Aromatherapy Website Design

Escents Aromatherapy Promotional Poster My Canada Collection

Escents Aromatherapy My Canada Marketing Handout

My Canada Pacific Product Photography