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Escents released a new collection of milled soap, which contain shea butter and have extra moisturizing and exfoliating properties. In order to make these new more luxurious soaps stand out, Escents hired me to art direct the new packaging for the milled soaps.

As opposed to re-designing the previously used sleeve on the other soaps, we decided to design a full box, with subtle rounded edges, mimicking the softness and shape of the soap itself. By creating a box for the soap it made the product look more sophisticated and easier to purchase as a fully-packaged ready-to-gift item. In order to still fit in amongst other products on the shelf, the layout and type on the box is based on the design of generic Escents products, such as lotions and washes. Special features, such as the added organic shea butter, are emphasized through a coloured banner, also reflecting the category (or “mood”) the scent pertains to. Since the soap is not visible and directly smell-able, a vibrant photograph of the main topnote takes up a quarter of the package, giving it life and depth.

The milled soaps come in six different scents in both regular and mini sizes.

Escents Aromatherapy Milled Soap Trio Packaging Design |
Escents Aromatherapy luxurious Milled Soap Packaging Design |
Escents Aromatherapy Milled Soap shea butter Packaging Design |
Escents Aromatherapy Milled Soap Packaging Design |
Escents Aromatherapy mini Milled Soap Packaging Design |