life with lipstick on

lipstick obsessed & fashion crazed

Kacee is a make-up artist living in sunny California with her husband and two daughters. In search for a new creative outlet she founded “Life with Lipstick on” – a personal blog for all things fashion and beauty.

When Kacee approached me about the design for her blog she already had a logo in place – a chic serif type combined with playful hand written elements and graphics. Instead of going with the stereotypical route of red lipstick for her overall brand design we selected a few shades of  raspberry instead. In order for Kacee’s content to shine the overall layout of the blog is very simple and clean. The playful raspberry tones are accompanied by neutral touches of black and grey and a simple line element is used to divide content. For a sophisticated and cohesive look across the site we decided to skip out on social media icons and spell out the names instead. Two lipstick marks sign each of Kacee’s post, supporting the imagery in her logo and giving her overall blog that special personal touch.

The present state of the site may have been modified from it’s original design and as such may no longer represent the original concepts. Shown below is the site at project completion.
Life with Lipstick on WordPress Blog Design | Life with Lipstick on custom WordPress Blog Design |

Life with Lipstick on WordPress Blog Design |