hippie cookie

whole food love

Hippie Foods contacted me to design a few promotional pieces in preparation for the launch of their three brand new cookies. The main graphic for the launch was a little infographic explaining the difference between the new hippie cookies and conventional packaged cookies. The concept of “Hippie Cookie vs Conventional Packaged Cookie” was directly translated into the design by splitting the graphic in half.

Hippie Foods celebrates natural foods; all of their products use pure, simple whole food ingredients.¬†In order to visualize Hippie Foods’ modern, grass-roots concept the entire graphic was hand rendered. It was important that the difference between the two cookies was immediately obvious. Although hand rendered elements are very much the current trend it was significant that the piece would not become immediately dated, but instead accurately represent the brand and grow with it. While the hippie cookie side of the graphic is a vibrant orange with friendly, natural and easy-going type the conventional cookie side is grey and dull with strict, heavy and round type. As a visual reference to the products at hand, two cookies of each side are split in half, reinforcing the differences between them.

Hippie foods used this graphic across their social media channels and encouraged people to share it in order to create awareness to what it is you ingest if not paying attention.


Infographic for Hippie Foods. "Hippie Cookie VS Conventional Packaged Cookie". All hand rendered type | www.alicia-carvalho.com