cruelty free bc

know what’s behind the label

One of my previous clients, Paws For Hope, contacted me to brand a new initiative of theirs; Cruelty Free BC. Their goal is to educate consumers on the inhumane and unnecessary practice of animal testing, as well as the misleading labelling of cosmetics and household products in North America. Cruelty Free BC will teach you how to identify genuine cruelty-free products and highlight local BC companies who are doing it right.

One of Cruelty Free BC’s role is to highlight positive products, sort of like a stamp or seal of approval. This concept is the base of the logo design. We researched vintage stamp designs and explored how to give it a more contemporary feel. For one, we found a solid bold type, which is accompanied by a more free flowing typeface. This gives the logo a clean balance of serious and trustworthiness, with a touch of friendliness and approachability.

Cruelty Free BC, as the name states, is 100% local, and what better way to reinforce this then to incorporate a loose outline of British Columbia into the logo. Reflecting the loose type style of the word “free” the map has nice smooth edges and grows out of the circle which holds the logo. To reinforce the idea of “here and now” and to prevent it from feeling too corporate and stuffy, a little map-pin with a heart is added on to the BC outline.

Since Cruelty Free BC is a sister company of Paws For Hope, it was important that the two not collide visually, but rather support each other. Both brands have a vague circle-like format. To further tie them together, Cruelty Free BC’s brand colour is primary a neutral but eye-catching yellow, accompanied by Paws For Hope’s turquoise.

Dealing with animal cruelty awareness tends to be a very gruesome and visually aggressive area. Cruelty Free BC is here to be your friend, explain the facts, answer any questions you may have and teach you how to be more pro-active. The brand is not scared to give you the hard facts and morbid details, but instead of including sad and bloody imagery, Cruelty Free BC resorts to minimal but impactful icon like visuals to explain backgrounds and processes.

The present state of the brand may have been modified from it’s original design and as such may no longer represent the original concept. Shown below is the original brand. 

Cruelty Free BC Branding. Logo Design for British Columbia based non-profit by Alicia Carvalho |