February 4, 2013


In the past 6+ months I have been expanding on my freelance work, getting a lot of new clients, as well as improving my design-process. For one my proposals and estimates have been re-developed. They are now branded and detailed, explaining the project scope, details, budget ranges, deadlines, revisions, client responsibilities and process in more depth.

Every project is different, with unique needs, sizes, content, complexity and budget. In order to get a clear understanding of my clients vision from the get-go I have started creating a mood board for each project, showcasing the general look and feel of the concepts to be developed. I have always done these for myself anyway, but now they are a key part of the client-designer process, included in the project specs for the client to revise.


Although I love doing mood boards I did struggle a little initially. The mood board should evoke the look and feel of the designs immediately by showing very few, but key images, for example a photograph, a type example, colour palette, illustration style, similar design pieces etc. I tend to get overly excited and attack pinterest, grabbing five handfuls of images which all seem perfect. The tricky part is narrowing down the selection to a few key images which make you “get it” right away. Once you have these key elements together it is so exciting to share them with your client and see if this is the same vision they have in  mind. Needless to say, doing mood boards is one of my favourite things. If it was a full time job on it’s own it would be all I do. In the future I will be sharing some of my client mood boards, I hope you enjoy them!

With valentines day coming up I decided to make a random pink inspired board with some of my latest pins

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