May 4, 2015

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Re-Brand Moodboard for a West Coast Fashion Brand, featuring some Tilda Swinton inspiration; stylish, sharp, confident, minimal, fashion forward and a tad weird |

I’m in the last phase of wrapping up a new branding project for the above featured moodboard. This is another really special one, as I was super into the direction and style the client is going for.

One of the new questions I ask my clients in the initial questionnaire is who their brand would be if it was an actor/actress. As you can probably guess they referenced Tilda Swinton; stylish, sharp, confident, minimal, fashion forward and a tad weird. As if that wasn’t awesome enough already there is also a bit of a west coast vibe in the mix, mostly in the graphics and colours.

Keep your eye out for this launch!!

FYI, if you follow me on dribble you may have already seen a few sneak-peaks :)

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