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New Almond Latte Collection allows you to relax into sweet, luxurious comfort. The collection includes an aroma blend, shea body butter, shower cream and handmade soap. Almond mingles with skin soothing Carrot Seed and restorative Orange oils, giving the skin a new lease on life with this rich shea butter.

Sourced from Fair Trade suppliers from the Leo region of Burkina Faso, it was important to show the background of the products. With a strong story telling element the posters, promotional material and online graphics feature an image of an African woman in Burkina Faso. Colours where sourced from the image itself, also tying in with the product labels. During the promotion the products where laid out on large sheets of patterned African textures in the retail locations. The sample card as well as a few of the social media graphics also incorporated this african texture, emphasizing on the products origin.

The campaign included promotional in-store signage, shelf lips, posters and handouts, as well as graphics for the homepage, product landing pages, e-newsletters and online branding across social media and product photography.

Shown below are the online graphics at the time the promotion was running. Since it was a limited time promotion the site may have been modified and as such may no longer represent these original concepts.

Homepage Shea Butter Promotion | Escents | Alicia Carvalho

Online Shea Butter Promotion | Escents | Alicia Carvalho

Shea Butter Promotion Poster | Escents | Alicia Carvalho
Shea Butter Marketing Handout | Escents | Alicia Carvalho