Hi, my name is alicia :)

Born in Africa, growing up in Portugal and now living in Vancouver, Canada I am very inspired by cultures, colours and methods of communication.

Passionate about design and photography I love creating beautiful graphics for the print and the online world. I believe in conceptual, story telling designs that communicate a message, as opposed to only looking pretty. Taking a passionate and innovative approach towards design and details I am very dedicated to my work and take great pride in the creatives I produce.

Tired of the corporate world I left my full time job as an in-house designer in July 2013 and am now fortunate enough to pursue my dreams of growing my own design studio, working with a wide range of small and big businesses. Whether you are an existing company, a start-up or a fellow creative I would love to hear from you!

Photography by Tomasz Wagner http://tomaszwagner.co

Hire me!

Branding, Web + Print Design, Promotional + Marketing, Custom WordPress Themes, Illustration, Photography & More…


Adobe Creative Suite, HTML + CSS, WordPress, Blogging, Social Media, Marketing, Photography + Editing & More…

Random Facts!

I’m obsessed with typography. My favourite food is toast and if I could have a seal pet I would. I have a serious passion for photography and am always exploring new ways to take/edit photos. My favourite artist is Frida Kahlo and Paula Scher never ceases to amaze me with her typography skills.

The serious stuff

Formally trained as a graphic designer from the Art Institute of Vancouver I am always eager to learn more. I’ve also completed my Web Marketing Certificate at Langara College and am continuously on the lookout for on and offline courses and workshops. Want more details? You can view my LinkedIn profile over here.

My work has been published on the online packaging blog The Dieline, as well as won the student award for packaging design from Applied Arts Magazine (featured in the fall/winter issue of 2012).

I illustrated the pages of Violet, a children’s book which encourages children to face their fears. The book was illustarted by hand, through cutting and pasting different coloured and textured paper and materials to create a tactile experience for the young readers to explore.

If you have a project in mind and think we’d be a good fit, please contact me at mail@alicia-carvalho.com for pricing and information on my process.